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Management consultant

Learn how to fund your business in dollars $

Invest in yourself and get the support you need to position your business in the global space.


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Discover what is holding you back and take a step closer to achieving your goals

Learn the intrinsic of a good Business Plan

Acquire the right knowledge on how to write a business that ticks all dots.

Identify Obstacles

Know the pitfalls that could lead to rejection and avoid them.

Plan Action Strategy

Build Competitive advantage over thousands of entries pitching for grants and loans and get selected.

Improve Your Business

Kick-start your journey into the global business space with the required funding and position your business to attract satisfied, paying customers.

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Money Is Not What Is Stopping You From Starting That Business. Grant Is Available. Investors Are Ready To Fund Your Business. Banks Can’t Wait To Support Your Business With Loans. It Is Your Lack Of Knowledge And Insight About Business Planning That Is Stopping You.

Benefits of attending our Business Plan and Proposal Training

Are you a disruptor or a startup looking for grants? Have you applied for grants and loans but given up out of frustration after receiving numerous rejections? Or perhaps you’re looking for loans from banks or other financial organizations because you have a company idea.

You can be a business owner looking to merge or collaborate with another business owner. Or perhaps you’re fed up with your job and want to start your own business but lack the requisite skills.

Do you have the capital to launch a business but lack the experience to build up a successful business structure? Or are you a disgruntled business owner who has been operating for a while but has not seen profitable development or implemented a plan to handle the fierce competition?

If you fit into any of these categories, your issue is resolved because this training is for you.


Excellent Business Plan

Learn how to create an excellent business plan that checks all the boxes

Marketing & Business Visibility

Learn how to increase visibility for your business by leveraging on Digital Marketing

Template & Pitch Video

Learn how to detail your information in a standard business template and how to create a sound pitch video

Scoring Criteria

Familiarize yourself with criteria Banks, Investors Financial Institutions and NGOs use in accepting a business plan and the pit-falls that leads to rejection

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