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Business Planning

Every new business needs a business plan—a roadmap for how you will build your new company, supported by data that shows the viability of the concept.

Numerous new businesses open their doors every year. One glance at the Entrepreneurship Survey and database of the World Bank reveals the astounding number of new business registrations. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of them have a chance of surviving.

Approximately 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, and about 50% fail in their fifth, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


It is much more than just a blueprint

Strategically position your Business in the Global Marketplace.

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Additional benefits

It makes no difference if you’re a startup with a fantastic concept or a company with a top-notch product. Without a business plan or a blueprint, you can only go so far. A company strategy, however, is much more than just a blueprint. In the face of a crisis, like the one that most international firms are currently facing in the post-pandemic world, a well-thought-out strategy enables a company to weather market fluctuations and make swift adjustments in the event of a crisis.


“Your company's cornerstone is your business plan.”

– Bartsglobal


Do not fret.

We can help you

It can be laborious to sit down and lay down all the objectives, plans, and initiatives envisioned to be implemented to assure a business’s survival, prosperity, and growth, which is why the majority of start-ups avoid carrying out this crucial process before establishing a business.

Our team of business strategists and growth specialists at Bartsglobal works with entrepreneurs regardless of their business stages (start-ups, growth, maturity, or decline) to generate all the necessary elements of a sound business plan that increase viability and draw investors. From Post-Startup Business Planning to Sales Forecasting, Cash Flow Analysis, Business Contingency Planning, and Business Succession Planning, Bartsglobal is your direct plug. 

Our standard business plan template is well-tailored and designed to attract investors and to structure, run and grow your business.


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Additionally, we provide periodic training sessions for proposals and business plan development. Learn how to develop a business plan fast and excellently with an approved business plan template.