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Project Planning

Project success is influenced by a variety of variables, but efficient project management and governance techniques are very important.

Projects are deemed successful when they fulfil business needs, are completed and maintained on time and within the allocated budget, and provide the anticipated business value and return on investment.

If lessons are to be learnt from mistakes committed and those errors are to be avoided in the future, it is critical to examine the real evidence supporting the project and the individuals working on it after it has fallen short on its goals.


Res Ipsa loquitor "The Fact speaks for itself"

Project Management Statistic

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Statistic has shown that:

43% of projects are problematic (completed late, over budget, or with fewer features and services than necessary). 18% of projects fail (are abandoned before they are finished, or are delivered but never used).

According to the most recent project management statistics, 58% of firms completely comprehend the need of embracing project management as a means of improving performance. This indicates that 42% of businesses undervalue the significance of project management as a key element for the accomplishment of projects.

Unquestionably, effective project management increases success rates, promotes cost savings, and lowers risks. According to the Pulse project management statistics, high-performing firms who have established proven PM methods 2.5 times more frequently (89% vs. 34%) have achieved their initial goals.


“In the previous 12 months, at least one project failed in 70% of the firms surveyed."

( Source KPMG )


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Bartsglobal is well-positioned to deliver top-notch quality in the delivery of project management services. Our team of project managers, consultants, experts, and specialists has the necessary expertise to meet your project’s needs. We prioritize our clients. We are client-focused and achieving the highest client satisfaction is one of our KPIs for every project.

We serve several clients globally with expert project management services. We provide the best project management standards, utilizing our skilled project managers to realize business benefits and complete projects on time, within budget, and with high-quality standards.

We offer top-notch project teams for jobs of all sizes and complexity levels. From concept to definition, implementation, and handover, our highly competent project teams plan and manage each project life cycle step.
We have a stellar record for consistently completing projects on schedule, under budget, and with the appropriate level of quality.
We ensure that the corporate objectives and financial gains of our clients are realized through a carefully planned, transparent series of activities that yield the required outcomes.
Effective planning is a critical factor in project success. This necessitates planning ahead, weighing several options, and considering the dangers involved with each opportunity to ensure flawless project delivery.

Project risk mitigation and making more precise and accurate estimates throughout the project planning phase will fast-track the process to ensure a successful project.

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